Nicholas: The Holy Master of Giving


The Holy Master of Giving

St. Nicholas is a saint who comes to us from ancient times. He was born around 280 in the Asia Minor city of Patara into a wealthy Greek family. Already during Mikuláš’s life, legends about his miraculous deeds were created. Soon after his death, he was worshiped as a saint and his tomb in Myra became a popular place of pilgrimage. Saint Nicholas died in old age around 350 AD. Throughout the millennia, Nicholas has become a source of diverse national and religious traditions. In the East, he is the most revered saint after the Virgin Mary. In the respect of believers in the West, only St. George and St. Martin could compete with him in part. The tradition of the St. Nicholas gift developed in the Christian West and was associated with the approaching Christmas, which was also always associated with the distribution of gifts. In the document, in addition to Greece, we will also visit Bari in Italy, where huge celebrations take place every year on the anniversary of the transfer of St. Nicholas’ remains. Respect for St. Nicholas is widespread in both the Christian East and the West and remained common even after the medieval division of the Church into Catholic and Orthodox. Nicholas thus creates an arc between the Eastern and Western Churches. He should, in fact, be the patron saint of our entire Euro-American civilization.

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Original title: Nicholas: The Holy Master of Giving
Genre: Documentary Film
Duration: 50 min.
Languages: Spanish
Year: 2023
Produced by: Česká televize y JesuPrague Film
Directed by: Jana Kristina Studničková and Otakáro Maria Schmidt

Rated: PG