Guadalupe: Mother of Humanity

Guadalupe (Coming to theatres)

Mother of Humanity

No mother has ever been as tender and powerful as the Virgin Mary who appeared to the Mexican Indian Juan Diego 500 years ago.

Today, more than ever, Our Lady of Guadalupe shows her tenderness and power in so many places around the world. What seemed impossible happened. Why? Who made it possible? What secrets does the “Tilma” hold? Are these miraculous stories true? Thrilling historical reenactments take us to experience the apparitions as if we were actually there.

Shocking testimonies from people in Mexico, the United States and other countries, add a universal dimension to Mary’s crucial message. They reveal to us how the irresistible love of the Mother of God and of Humanity consoles and heals the wounds of the hearts of those who turn to Her.

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Original title: Guadalupe: Madre de la Humanidad
Genre: Documentary Film
Duration: 105 min.
Languages: Spanish
Year: 2023
Produced by: Goya Producciones
Directed by: Andrés Garrigó

Rated: Not recommended for audiences under 7