Ángel Riesco

An impulse of love

The path to canonization of a neglected bishop of the 20th century

Praised by some, sidelined by others, the bishop and founder Ángel Riesco Carbajo (1902-1972) surprises with his brilliant virtue. He was a zealous and apostolic priest, with new initiatives in his pastoral task, creative in the catechesis and generous in his attention to the poor.

He founded the Apostolic Missionaries of Charity, a Secular Institute, open to people of any condition or state of health, and active in various countries. Ángel Riesco was auxiliary bishop in Oviedo and Tudela, in Spain, and took part in the Second Vatican council, to which he made valuable contributions. His canonization process is now underway in Rome.

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Produced by: Goya Producciones
Original title: Ángel Riesco: Una corazonada de Amor
Duration: 50 min.
Languages: Spanish
Year: 2010