Great premiere of “A Father’s Heart” in Mexico – march 24, 2022



Cines en México para ver Corazón de Padre
  • On March 24, “A Father’s Heart” movie dedicated to the figure of Saint Joseph will enter Cinemex theaters throughout Mexico. The release will take place just one week after the world premiere held in Spain on March 18, the eve of the Feast of the Holy Patriarch.
  • The rest of the Latin American countries will not have to wait much longer to enjoy the film, which is already scheduled for release in Central America on March 31 and in April in Peru and Uruguay.
  • “A Father’s Heart” movie will reveal hidden facets of Mary’s husband, and you will be moved by getting to know the witnesses of extraordinary miracles.

A FATHER’S HEART” rediscovers the personality of Joseph of Nazareth, not as a figure from Bethlehem or a silent historical character, but as that of a very special father with the power to help millions of people today.

The feature film, directed by Andrés Garrigó, was shot in various countries around the world (Italy, the United States, Canada, Peru, France, the Philippines, among others). In each of them, the witnesses of authentic miracles tell us their stories and the favors granted by Saint Joseph, which range from radical conversions and impossible cures, to the repair of broken marriages.

“This man who worked in a workshop 2,000 years ago now has multiple jobs. He acts as a protector of parents and families, as a patron of the Church, as an intercessor for workers, and as a helper for the dying. In the film we highlight one of his lesser-known titles: “the terror of demons”
, comments the director.

In Spain, the documentary reveals the special presence of Saint Joseph in Toledo, Avila and Barcelona, a city where scenes have been shot in the Sagrada Familia temple, in the San José de la Montaña Sanctuary and in the streets of the big city where, at night, the Youth of Saint Joseph (Jóvenes de San José) serve the homeless.

For Garrigó, this production “completes what we could call Goya’s trilogy: ‘An Ardent Heart’, ‘Fátima, the Ultimate Mystery’, and ‘A Father’s Heart’, which respectively represent Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Trinity on earth.”

Among the testimonies, that of “Fr. Donald Calloway (United States), who went from a turbulent youth with prison sentences, to convert, and become a priest and world propagator of love for the Patriarch”, Garrigó points out.

“A Father´s Heart” poster and trailer are now available on the official website:


Joseph of Nazareth, the giant of silence, is now more active than ever, attracting thousands of people every day and acting in their lives in an extraordinary way. Who is really this man who lived 2000 years ago? Is it perhaps a simple ‘Christmas figurine’? It was written about him that he was a humble, prudent, fair man, a good husband and above all: FATHER


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