Countdown of the new film: “Tierra Santa, El Último Peregrino”

Will the Land of Christ be left without Christians?

Goya Producciones will shoot the fiction part of its new feature film “Tierra Santa, El Último Peregrino”, after finishing the documentary part of the film, which was mainly shot in Israel. Simultaneously, the producer starts a crowfunding appealing for popular solidarity to complete the financing of the project.

“This film is going to be a shock to Christians who have forgotten their biblical origins, and at the same time a help to Christians in the Holy Land which, in these tough times, is empty and without pilgrims,” said the director of the production company, Andrés Garrigó.

“The Holy Land, he added, was already being emptied of pilgrims before Covid-19 because of other viruses: indifference and disbelief. But now the living stones that are native Christians have to emigrate in search of work. ”

Will the Land of Christ be left without Christians? That is what this 85-minute film aims to avoid. To achieve its goal, it gathers ten shocking testimonies from non-believers, or non-practitioners, who travelled to the holy places of Israel and that experience caused a turnaround in their lives.

With a format similar to that of “An Ardent Heart” and “Fatima, the Ultimate Mystery”, the film intertwines these testimonies with a fictional plot around the plight of a mother who struggles with her children’s hostility to her pilgrimage plans to the tomb of Jesus.

For the director, “this film is not about ruins, it is not a tourist documentary … It is about mysteries, about miraculous changes, about salvation … It injects optimism. It invites you to contribute to change things. To rise above pandemics and setbacks , seeing on screen the dazzling light of the Resurrection ”.

Tierra Santa, el último peregrino

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Título: Tierra Santa, El Último Peregrino
Género: Drama
Duración: 85 minutos
País: España
Año: 2021
Director: Andrés Garrigó y Pablo Moreno
Guión: Andrés Garrigó, Pedro Delgado, Benjamín Lorenzo
Casting: Alex Larumbe, Rafa Jiménez, Susi Lillo, Carlos Cañas, Wendy Gara, Alex Tormo
Producida por: Narrow Gate 2020 AIE y Goya Producciones