Pilgrim Galicia. The Portuguese Route of St. James

Pilgrim Galicia

The Portuguese Route of St. James

This documentary produced by Qué más Ver studio and directed by Cristina Maró brings the viewer closer to the true meaning of doing the Way of St. James.

On this trip, Cristina Maró, together with all the pilgrims she meets along the Way, discovers the natural, cultural, local and social beauty of the different routes in Galicia leading to Santiago de Compostela.

In this adventure along the Portuguese route we will be able to enjoy the two variants of this route: one through the interior, a greener and more rural route and the other one along the coast, a variant with the smell of the sea and enjoying the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Original title: Galicia Peregrina. La Ruta Portuguesa de Santiago
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 42 min.
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English
System: PAL
Year: 2021
Produced by: Qué más Ver
Directed by: Cristina Maró

Rated: PG