Hospitalarios: Las manos de la Virgen


The hands of Our Lady

Since 1858 a small village has been the travel destination of millions: men and women with all types of physical and mental ailments and diseases travel on their own, even some times carried by others; arrive on a pilgrimage to the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes.

These pilgrimages continue to this day, however none of these pilgrimages have never been recorded from the inside and live.

Lourdes: The hands of the Our Lady shows an amazing reality in which the beauty of giving ourselves to others, helps ease the harshness of a life ravaged by disease, with dignity and love. Even through illness and disability , there is still much to offer the world, albeit paradoxical.

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Título original: HOSPITALARIOS: Las manos de la Virgen
Tipo: Documental
Productora: Gospa Arts
Dirigida por: Jesús García Colomer
Duración: 84 minutos
Idiomas: Español
Sistema: PAL
Año: 2019
Calificación: PG