Yo Creo. Un documental sobre la belleza de la FE

I Believe

A documentary about the beauty of FAITH

“I believe” is the first documentary about the Creed ever shot in 3D technology. “I Believe” is intended to be a modern and attractive way of publicly professing the Creed. Does God exist? Is the world the result of chance? Why does evil exist? What happens after death? Millions of human beings from all ages have asked these and many more questions about the transcendent and the meaning of life.

In “I Believe”, from anonymous testimonies such as that of a pastor or a dancer to great intellectuals, they are sincere about what they believe in and why. Each of them represents a life and some circumstances… all of them so different and at the same time so close, that it is very difficult for the viewer not to be reflected in one way or another. The emotional force of the testimonies, the beauty of nature, the purity of the Word of God, sacred art and a sensational original soundtrack complement this reference work, which takes the Catholic Creed as an argumentative route and that tries to show the beauty of faith. “I Believe” is a documentary about the beauty of faith that invites you to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

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Tipo: Documental

Duración: 60 minutos

Idiomas: Español

Sistema: PAL

Año: 2013

Calificación: Autorizada para todos los públicos