Campaign in favor of activating bookstores

After the success of the social networks campaign with #SupportYourBookstore hashtag, we activated our particular “Stage 2″ in favor of the bookstores affected by this pandemic.

We believe in local bookstores, who know their regular customers and help them to select books, movies, and other materials. We want to continue supporting our bookstores that have always believed in us, because as the old saying goes “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls”.

In this second stage, Goya Producciones makes an economic effort and will donate more than 3,000 DVDs with an estimated value of € 36,000.

How does it work?

The bookstores that request it (by email) will receive a pack of 50 DVDs with more than 15 different titles, totally free and with no shipping cost. These DVDs are not intended for sale but to give away to your customers, running your own campaigns to encourage them to buy from the bookstore again. Everyone might use his imagination. You can share with us what kind of campaign you are doing and if it is working, so that other bookstores throughout Spain can use the same method.

You can also request official posters from the films “Poveda”, “Light of Soledad” and “Histories about the Rosary” both to decorate your bookstores and to give away to customers who buy a DVD.

One idea is to put a notice on the door that says …

Purchases over € 20 will get
a DVD from Goya Producciones for free as a gift!

Thank you everybody, we hope we can all return normally to the Service that God has given to us. #SupportYourLibrary