The Shroud

For the first time this 45 minutes documentary shows the most famous cloth in the world. The most investigated, the most controversial… But at the same time the most universally admired. Is the Turin Shroud really the cloth that enveloped the body of Jesus Christ after his death on the Cross? and the same that was found at the tomb after his resurrection? What was its itinerary? And how did it manage to survive after 2000 years of wars rampaging and fires? Through which places was it taken? Where and how was it hidden? Is it authentic? The scientists are coming up with new evidences. They have discovered in it the traces left by the cross on a crucified man, cruelly flagelated, crowned with thorns and wounded with a spear. Could he be anyone but the Savior of the World?
Millions of people venerate it. But there are still some whom nurrish doubts. How about the researchers? What are the latest scientific data telling us? In them, the believer will recognize the traces of the Passion: the sores left by the nails and the spear, the wounds of the lashing, the piercing of the crown of thorns… Doubting? From now on is not so simple…

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Distribuido por: Goya Producciones
Original title: Shroud
Duration: 45 min.
Languages: Español / English / Italiano / Français / Portugês / Deutsch
Year: 2010



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